Empathic Parenting



Officers, Members and Affiliations

The CSPCC is a federally incorporated non-profit organization - a charitable organization with tax-exempt status in Canada.

The Society was founded in 1975 by three employees at Oak Ridge, Ontario's maximum security mental hospital.

There are three Canadian Directors:

* E.T. Barker M.D., D.Psych. FRCP(C)
* Janine Edwards CA
* Foster D. Loucks M.A., D.H.A.

Four Canadian Officers:

* Deane Ewart B.Sc, LL.B.
* R.L. Fleming B.Sc., M.D., FRCP(C)
* Jan Hunt M.Sc.
* Brenda Ringdahl R.N., B.Scn.

Four International Officers::

* Peter S. Cook FRANZCP (Australia)
* Penelope Leach PhD.,C.Psychol., FBPsS (UK)
* Burton White PhD. (USA)
* Janet Hodgeson-White M.Ed. (USA)

The CSPCC is affiliated internationally with:

* EPOCH-Worldwide
* Attachment Parenting International
* The Center for Parent Education (USA)
* The Infant Parent Institute (USA).