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Our focus is on the long-term consequences of inadequate care of very young children. Our objective is to change those things in society that make it difficult for parents to give their children the care they need to grow into compassionate, empathic and trusting adults.

What is Empathic Parenting?

Being willing and able to put yourself in your child's shoes in order to correctly identify his/her feelings, and

Being willing and able to behave toward your child in ways which take those feelings into account.

Empathic Parenting takes an enormous amount of time and energy and fully involves both parents in a co-operative, sharing way.


Empathic Parenting is the name of the quarterly print journal published by the CSPCC from 1978 to 2003.


Credo of the


Recognizing that the capacity to give and receive trust, affection and empathy is fundamental to being human, and...

Knowing that all of us suffer the consequences when children are raised in a way that makes them affectionless and violent, and...

Realizing that for the first time in History we have definite knowledge that these qualities are determined by the way the child is cared for in the very early years...